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  • About Ground Control Online

    Ground Control Online™ was designed specifically with the needs of agricultural applicators in mind. It provides a better way to manage the demand for application services, especially during those periods when demand is at its peak. Ground Control Online is based on a proven system currently in use across a wide geography by a diverse customer base. Agricultural applicators, their equipment operators, and their customers see tremendous value in using Ground Control Online.

  • Increase Efficiency and Profits

    Ground Control Online is an information management system that helps you manage the entire application process - from planning with your customers, to creating job orders, to scheduling and spraying, to reports and records, to billing. You and your operators will be able to spend more productive time covering acres and less time doing paperwork.

  • Better Customer Service

    Your customers will appreciate the professional and accurate mapping Ground Control Online provides. The ability to track the progress of their job orders will also be a welcome change. No more calling or emailing to find out if a job got sprayed. In fact, Ground Control Online can automatically email updates to your customers when the status of their jobs change.

  • High Quality Maps

    You will be amazed by Ground Control Onlineā€™s field mapping capability which allows you and your customers to choose fields located virtually anywhere in the world. You can select entire fields or only the portions of fields that need application. All the necessary information is on the field map, including field size, state, county, township, and latitude & longitude.

  • Much more than just a Mapping Program

    With your first look at Ground Control Online you will realize it is much more than just a mapping program. Ground Control Online does integrate the best mapping tools available, but it also allows you to communicate with your customers more effectively with forecasting, scheduling, application records, billing, and inventory management. Your operators will like Ground Control Online for its standardized state-of-the-art mapping and automated processes that will reduce their data entry requirements.

  • Risk Management

    Ground Control Online includes a sensitive area database that allows you and your customers to identify known situations that require special attention. Any spray job that is within a certain proximity to bees, organic crops, vineyards, orchards, municipalities, chronic problem situations, etc. will be flagged, allowing you to determine the risk and the appropriate action. You and your customers can also identify adjacent crops, which is especially helpful when spraying herbicides. You can also manage partially sprayed jobs, even filtering for jobs by favorable wind direction. Sensitive areas and off-target movement represent a significant risk to the application business. Ground Control Online helps you mitigate this risk.

  • Ease of Use

    Ground Control Online is easy to use for you and your customers. Everything is 100% online. All processes, including mapping, are seamlessly integrated into Ground Control Online. You never have to jump between different web sites to get your job done. Our Help section provides answers to the most commonly asked questions and online tutorials guide first-time users through the process. We also offer live training for you and your customers.

  • We Offer a High Level of Customer Service so That You Can Too

    We are at your service year round to help you make the most of Ground Control Online. At AgriSmart Information Systems we also realize that during the application season, you and your customers need answers fast. During these peak times we are available 24/7. We know how valuable your time is.

  • Safe and Private

    Your Ground Control Online account is password protected. Your customers can have their own account as well. Although you will be able to see the information of all your customers, they will only see their own. We understand the sensitivity of the data you and your customers enter in Ground Control Online. We take the trust you place in us seriously and we will never provide any information to third parties. We will provide you with the tools to generate many different types of reports that you can share with anyone you choose.

  • Value

    Ground Control Online™ is licensed on a per acre basis. For more information on the value Ground Control Online brings contact us at 800-890-6945.


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